Game Design student and Indie Gamedev, SlyBalto joins us to talk about his year long journey of Brooke Vs. World Doom
Indie Solo Developer of CatCrash
Welcome back Bronze Buds! Bronze Buds is a recurring segment where friends of Bronze League talk about some games we should check out! On the lineup we…
They're taking the hobbits to dabsengard! Wassup looterz n shooters? Welcome back :) This week on Bronze League we have Dilbo Dabbgins: human Guinea…
Adam is the founder of Devs & Dorks and an Indie Game Developer
What's it like to lead a classic WoW guild? Buttnuts talks about the good, the bad, and everything in between.
MattyKay drops in to tell us about his tech channel and his process when reviewing products!
Pokémon through the decades!
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